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Hello world! My name is Melvin José and I’m starting up this webdesign webblog!

By Melvin José on February 17th, 2010 | Articles | 1 Comment
About the Author: Melvin José

This guy really needs to get from behind the keyboard to spend some time with his lovely wife. The (gr)avatar is a pic of her to remind him he needs to take a break.

Lorem ipsu….uuumm wait! I’ll have to stop using dummy text from now. This is it. The website is going live! I’m so excited about this, the birth of the Artelix Design Blog. O dear, o dear, o dear… I’m so nervous.

Melvin Jose

Hello there! My name is Melvin José and I like to welcome you to my blog. If you want to know more about me then please do visit the about page.


My plans for this blog are pretty simple. I’m going to regularly posts screencasts and articles related to webdesign en webdevelopment. The design and content of this website are inspired by none other then:

I’m not trying to compare this website to any of them! Cmon, pffffff! I’m just saying I look up to their creators because of what they are doing for the designcommunity. This website is just my share of giving back to the community for what it has given to me.

So wish me luck!

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One comment! Owyeah!

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